Sunday, August 15, 2010

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While developing an Eclipse plug-in for a small spare-time project of mine I wondered where to find the sources of the Java Development Tools (JDT). They used to be part of the Eclipse RCP/plug-in developers package in previous releases, but this isn't the case anymore with Eclipse 3.6 (Helios).

After some googling I found the reason: as of release 3.6 the RCP distribution (now named "Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers") no longer contains any sources (except those for the actual platform plug-ins) in order to reduce the size of the download package.

If you want to get the sources for plug-ins such as JDT which are not part of the core platform you have to retrieve them separately. To do so you can use the new plug-in import wizard which allows to fetch source projects corresponding to plug-ins of the target platform directly from the Eclipse CVS.

Just open the "Plug-ins" view, right-click on the plug-in you want to retrieve (e.g. org.eclipse.jdt.ui) and select "Import as" > "Project from a Repository ...". Confirm the next dialog by clicking "Finish", and the check-out starts. Afterwards the new project will automatically replace the plug-in JAR as dependency in any dependent projects within your workspace.


moradan said...

Sorry, your solutions simply des not work, e.g. for jdt.core. What is needed is to install "Eclipse SDK" from from the "Install New Software" menu.

Gunnar Morling said...

Hmmm, the approach I described worked for me.
Maybe there is something different about your setup, but great you find a solution working for you.

GG. said...

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