Saturday, February 7, 2009

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I am so happy – this week my first article ever in a printed publication appeared. It's named "Web Services: Auf die Plätze, fertig, los!" and is published in edition 3/09 of the German-speaking journal Java Magazin.

The article (written by my colleague Ralf Ebert and me), is a tutorial, that shows how to get started with building contract-first web services using JAX-WS and Maven. We take the reader by the hand and show from scratch, how to create a new Maven project, how to write an XML schema for the service and how to run the web service using the Jetty plugin for Maven.

To make things easier, we don't make the reader write the WSDL for the service by hand, but rather provide a Maven plugin, that creates the WSDL from the XSD with the request/response types relying on some naming conventions. That greatly simplifies things (as writing WSDLs is pretty time-consuming and error prone), while keeping full control over the WSDL, being the big advantage of the contract-first approach for creating web services.

I will show in detail, how to make use of that plugin – named Maven WSDL builder plugin – in a subsequent post.

Having a basic examplary service up and running, the article continues by showing how to perform schema validation of web service requests and responses. Finally we explain how to implement cross-cutting concerns using handler chains.

So if you ever wanted to get started with contract-first web services the real simple way, don't hesistate and get your copy of Java Magazin now and let us know your opinion on the article.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the very nice article which I can recommend to all German speaking developers interested in this topic.

Unfortunately, I have problems building the example as stated in

I'm sure I've overlooked something. Would you please comment on that issue?

Thank you

Unknown said...


thanks for your feedback on the article. Great to hear, that you like it.

I've looked at your issue, but I can't reproduce it, please check my comment at the issue itself.

Btw., what do you think about the idea of deriving a WSDL from the XSD with the types of a service in general?


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Anonymous said...

I know this is quite an old post, but this is exactly what I am looking for.

I have one problem though, I don't speak german :) You would not perhaps have this article for the english speaking crowd?

Thanks and keep up the good posts!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately the article is available in German only.

You might have a look at the example project which can be downloaded from the Maven Instant WS site:

This example contains a fully functional project that demonstrates the contract-first approach described in the article.